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Harmony (ONE) Price Prediction 2021, 2025. Will ONE Rise?

Harmony (ONE) Price Prediction

The Harmony platform runs on a token that allows users to participate in the development of the ecosystem. It also acts as a payment mechanism for different actions.

What is ONE?

The Harmony (ONE) token performs the following three functions within the protocol:

  • Protocol management – giving voting rights to token holders;
  • Payment for storing and conducting transactions;
  • Use as a DPoS bid. Stakeholders benefit from a reward for blockchain formation and a share of transaction fees.

Harmony differs from other public blockchains. It cares not only about increasing bandwidth and performance but also about the number of nodes participating as part of a decentralized blockchain network.

Key features of the platform:

  • The consensus protocol uses design principles (such as sharding) to process transactions in parallel. Because of this, the script handles connection latency more efficiently, and throughput scales with network growth;
  • The core system focuses on security and performance, with different devices participating in the consensus. And this has a positive effect on the degree of decentralization of the network;
  • Network engineering techniques for Smart message propagation and fast consensus building. Understanding the network topology allows you to run the most parallel protocol possible.

Harmony provides the ability to build different kinds of decentralized applications and trading systems that require high decentralization and bandwidth. Games, exchanges, and artificial intelligence platforms are just examples of possible use cases.

Coin mining follows the PoS principle – the more coins in the user’s account, the higher the chance that it is the user who will close a new block and, accordingly, get the reward for it. This option does not require the purchase of hardware. It is enough to install the software and buy a certain amount of currency.

The most significant threat to Harmony at the moment is the high level of competition. Harmony will have to work hard to stay ahead of existing projects.

Harmony has a strong team with experience in many economic and technological fields. It is why it has so far been successful on the roadmap. Some team members have worked for corporations such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon. In particular, they developed Google Maps and Apple Siri at one time.

Harmony Overview

Harmony - Open consensus for 10B

The American company Harmony is working on the project. Among the features of the crypto project, the team highlights:

  • High blockchain speed. In theory, they promise a throughput of up to 10 million operations per second;
  • Secure sharding – the DRG (distributed randomness generation) algorithm is responsible for this. The network is split into “shards” by a random algorithm it’s impossible to predict in advance;
  • Energy efficiency and speed of operation. Many sharding blockchains use the pow consensus algorithm to select validator nodes. Harmony has settled on pos, which means mining will not require powerful equipment relevant is the number of tokens stored in the wallet;
  • A dynamic pos entry threshold. Depending on the load on the network, the entry threshold for mining by the wallet will change. Developers promise to make it low enough. Many small players will be able to mine crypto this way. It contributes to the decentralization of the network, eliminating the situation where the power will be in the hands of a couple of dozen nodes with a large balance of coins;
  • Scalable network infrastructure. The developers promise a fast exchange of data between shards;
  • Supported cross-shard transactions (exchange of data between nodes in direct contact with each other network). The essence of the mechanism is about the same as in atomic swaps. It is when there is an exchange of two cryptocurrencies without the involvement of an intermediary. The difference is that it takes place within a single unit chain.

 How transactions are confirmed:

  • The host creates a new unit; its header gets posted to the stacking provider nodes. At the same time, the stacking providers get the piece using “erasure coding.”  It calls the declaration step;
  • the task of the stacking providers is to verify the correctness of the unit header, spell it with the BLS caption, and post it back to the leader;
  • the host waits until there are 2f+1 responses from the stacking providers. Their answers then combine into a BLS multi- caption and streaming to the network. It takes into account the “weight” of the node. The weight of the stacking provider is higher the more ONE tokens in the wallet stored.  The host takes his voice into account when counting answers. It concludes the preparation step;
  • the stacking provider nodes come into play again. They now check to look at if there is indeed a 2f+1 validation of the unit header. They also verify the contents of the unit (which they got back in the first step). If everything is correct, the stacking provider signs the communication from the host and sends it back;
  • The host again waits for 2f+1 confirmations. Their number need not be the same as the one received in step 2. The software creates the multi-signature again. It records all stacking providers involved in checking the contents of the unit and its header. The script has to generate the part.

 The cryptocurrency ensures the existence of the project. The options for its use are:

  • As fuel for transactions;
  • admission to mining by a wallet. Miners will provide the demand for ONE token;
  • an object for investment and speculation. Like other cryptocurrencies, this token has good volatility as well as daily volumes. Investors and speculators are also interested in the coin.

Harmony (ONE) Price Prediction 2021

 There are several Harmony (ONE) price predictions for 2021. For the most part, they differ slightly. The Harmony ONE price prediction looks like this:

  • The value of the coin will be $0.2565. That’s what the experts at GovCapital think;
  • Approximately the same, think the experts of TradingBeasts. Their opinion is $0.2329.

Harmony (ONE) Price Prediction 2025

 The forecasts of the value for 2025 differ very much. The ONE coin price prediction:

  • There is the opinion of GovCapital experts. They think that the value of ONE coin will reach $1.00.
  • The forecast of DigitalCoin specialists is entirely different. They think that this value will be $0.4088.

Harmony: Bullish or Bearish?

 In 2021, the price of Harmony has gone up. It didn’t just go up. It was 5,000% higher. At the same time, the price fell in the spring of this year by 61%. However, by the beginning of summer, the coin regained its position and gained back 71%.

 We can conclude with a bullish trend.

Is Harmony ONE a good investment?

 This coin is good if you want to make a long-term investment. Experts say its value will mostly grow. For short speculation, Harmony (ONE) is not suitable.

 Where to buy Harmony ONE?

 You can buy Harmony ONE cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency on the exchange AscendEX (Bitmax), CoinDCX, HitBTC. The most expensive cryptocurrency Harmony for the cryptocurrency you can buy on the WazirX exchange.

 You can buy Harmony ONE cryptocurrency for fiat on Binance. US, HOTBIT KOREA, CoinDCX exchanges. The most expensive Harmony ONE cryptocurrency for fiat money you can buy on the CoinDCX exchange.

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