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5 Best BTC to XMR Exchanges

Some crypto assets do not actually need much introduction because they are pioneers in this market, and they are also outstanding due to some features. Monero is one of such cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it is at the top of the pyramid as a private and secure one. If you are interested in this innovative coin, you should get acquainted with this article. Thanks to it, you will learn why Monero is so popular, how you can buy it, and which the best exchange to buy Altcoins is. 

XMR Popularity

XMR or Monero is among the most popular crypto assets worldwide since it keeps transactions anonymous, which is not possible when using Bitcoin, for instance. The thing is that the recipient is to provide their public address to the person who initiates the transaction. It means that the sender can figure out how many coins there are in the recipient’s wallet. In addition to that, all transactions are saved on the blockchain in the case of most other cryptocurrencies, and this blockchain is actually a public ledger. Consequently, anyone can figure out what you are doing with your digital assets. That is where Monero stands out. 

What is Monero? XMR Explained Simply | BitcoinChaser

When someone sends XMR to another person, it is not possible to see what amount the recipient has. The reason is that the sent tokens are transferred via an address that is created randomly and applied for this transaction only. The Monero ledger does not link the two parties as it only tracks this one-time route. 

At the same time, the cryptocurrency does allow its customers to let others view their accounts. For this purpose, they can disclose their view key, and the other person can see the amount. The great part is that this user will not be allowed to spend the coins. Thanks to this, the holder of the wallet can provide the authorities with access to the Monero account if the audit of the assets is required. 

This crypto asset prioritizes anonymity, which made it notorious because of its recognition on the dark web. Despite that, XMR is used by traders whose intentions are legitimate as well because it does not let advertising companies track users` purchases. The crypto asset is also helpful when holders do not want less permissive governments to be aware of their spending habits. 

How to Purchase Monero

Just like in the case of any other crypto asset, the first thing you should do to use Monero is to create a digital wallet. For this purpose, you need to check online services with the help of which you can do that quickly. 

First of all, you will be required to get registered on the lowest fee crypto exchange that will help you purchase, sell, and store these digital assets. After that, you need to buy a digital wallet, which can be mobile, software, web, or paper. When you got registered, you can browse through the available cryptocurrency pairs that are available for trade. It is easy to understand how to convert BTC to XMR, so you should not face any difficulties at this stage. In addition to that, many online services provide their customers with video tutorials they can use to figure things out. 

List of 5 Best BTC to XMR Exchanges

It is not difficult to purchase Monero if you know which online service to use. There are many digital asset exchanges on the market, but all of them are trusted. Below, you can find a list of the five best BTC to XMR exchanges with their brief descriptions provided, along with advantages and disadvantages. Using this information, you should easily choose the one that suits your purposes most. 


This platform is built so that its customers can convert numerous currency pairs with a few clicks. The online service operates as intermediaries between exchanges and cryptocurrency holders. It is simple, quick, and easy to use. 


  • It offers more than 140 cryptocurrency pairs;
  • No security breaches have been recorded;
  • Customers can access customer support 24/7;
  • API and widgets are available.


  • Customers are not allowed to use debit cards;
  • The platform is slow at a time. 


Godex obtains more than 200 coins accessible for clients to trade. The online service does not force its customers to provide their personal details, which makes the process anonymous. Thus, they do not even need to get registered. The exchange also utilizes a 100 percent automatic system, which implies that human error is not possible. Customers also like this platform for its smooth user experience, fixed rate of transactions, and transfers with no limits. 


  • Godex requires no personal details;
  • More than 200 crypto assets are available;
  • There is no limit for order size;
  • The online service is user-friendly.


  • Fiat currencies are not supported.


The main reason why Binance is one of the top exchanges on the market is that it obtains an extensive list of supported cryptocurrencies. Customers also claim that it has one of the best interfaces in terms of simplicity, which means that the platform is suitable not only for experienced traders but for beginners as well. Another great news is that the online service charges no fees for deposits, and this fact makes it highly competitive.


  • It is a popular cryptocurrency exchange with a great reputation;
  • There are numerous tokens and coins;
  • Customers can use credit cards for transactions;
  • There are the lowest Bitcoin fees;
  • The main priority of Binance is its investors` safety and security;
  • It is available around the world.


  • The fees for card-based transactions are higher;
  • The customer support phone number is not available.


Kraken was founded around ten years back, and since then, it has managed to become one of the biggest exchanges around the globe. It obtains a wide range of digital assets. The online service is also known as a reliable and trustworthy trading platform.


  • It is a safe platform thanks to high-security measures;
  • Both deposit and withdrawal fees are reasonable;
  • The interface is user-friendly.


  • The platform is more suitable for experienced traders.


Just like some of the above platforms, this one offers its customers fast and anonymous transactions. There are more than ten thousand trading pairs, which is an impressive number. Users of this service can store their funds in their crypto hardware wallet. 


  • Account registration is not compulsory;
  • The online service does not control its clients` crypto assets;
  • It obtains the best rates on the market;
  • Transaction amounts are not limited;
  • It supports many digital wallets.


  • Not all fiat currencies are available;
  • The fees are a bit higher compared to other exchanges.


The anonymity offered by Monero is one of the main strengths of this cryptocurrency. Nothing is surprising that many Bitcoin holders convert their coins to XMR. For this purpose, you need a trustworthy exchange that can meet your requirements. 

In this article, one can find a list of the best online services, pick one, and benefit from their Monero coins. 

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