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3D explainer video is great! It squeezes out an artist’s creativity in a visually stunning medium, with stories going as far as imaginations. So much so you could make Taylor Swift to write songs that aren’t about her ex. Guess what, you could create a whole damn parallel universe in it!  But that’s a topic for another day.

In this article, I have piled a list of some of the most stunning narrative-based 3D explainer videos that you might be missing out on. What are they about? Well, why not find it out? So let’s jump into it without any ado!

What is a 3D explainer video?

3D explainer video make use of 3 dimensions rather than two. It makes the animation more realistic, immersive and captivating in terms of visuals. The added level of detail in 3D animation can powerfully describe any product, service, and even an abstract idea in a meaningful way.

Nowadays, 3D style is widely used by different marketers and is one of the most effective converting tools. It’s no wonder why it’s estimated to reach an industry value of about $33.8 Billion by 2026!

List of top 20 explainer videos

1.  Uiflow

The video combines stunning visuals and bold colors that intrigue the targeted audience despite having a straightforward script. It’s a great example of how an artist’s creativity can turn the driest topics into a highly engaging video piece.

2.  Tezos

Giant Ant is known for its pure creativity in animated video making. And the one for Tezos is no exception. The video beautifully breaks down the topic of 3D blockchain with meaningful yet straightforward visuals using different colors of boxes throughout the video to aid the context.

The touch of abstract animation, in the end, makes it even more enjoyable. It’s a great example of how good production quality can turn the simplest animations into engagement masterpieces.

3.  American Gods

If we had to include something in this list that could give a hard competition to something made by Pixar or Dreamworks, it would be the American Gods vignette by Tendril. It’s a narrative-based 3D animation video that tells the story of a tribe that has to choose between survival and faith.

The video is filled with stunning visuals, highly expressive characters, and unmatched production quality. You know it’s good when it reaches Hollywood!

4.  Hololens 2

This introduction video for Hololens 2 by Microsoft is an excellent exhibition of how combining Kinetic Typography, 3D animation, and powerful voice-over can create magic.

Combine that with great music in the background, and you have fully immersed the viewer in an experience, not just a video. What makes the concept of this video even better is the use of user testimonials rather than conventional, scripted voiceovers, which makes it even more convincing.

5.  Webflow

Ordinary Fold is a name well-known when it comes to creative animation. And it looks like they have given their all to this one.

Although the video is about the future of software development, Ordinary Folk has left no box unchecked in creating as far as the visuals are concerned. With dazzling animation, spot-on background music, and a really concise script, it’s really how a 3D animated explainer should be. Check it out yourself!

6.  Google Password Manager

Google Password Manager video is all Oddfellows is about; being unconventional and bringing the best out of every project and topic.

The video features immaculately smooth and highly creative animation that, although completely correlates with the main topic, has a somehow soothing touch to it. It’s one of those videos that might not interest you, but you’ll watch anyway, just for the visuals. But then again, it’s from Oddfellows. One could expect nothing less.

7.  Aerobics

If you’re a fan of fun ads, you might be one of the audiences that have seen Aerobics on their feed and loved it. Imagine the production quality being so good that people even love a hairy man exercising in his lounge as he sips through his protein shake.

This 3D animation is unique for two reasons. First, It fully resonates with the main message with minimum voice-over. Second, it is plain, simple, and highly relatable.

Moral? Creativity always supersedes abstraction, even in the simplest form. Perhaps one of the reasons why Kroger has so many accolades to its name.

8.  Beetexting

When a studio with more than 20 years of experience puts its skill into something, videos like this are created. Despite every generic 3D ad you see before your favorite Youtube content, what makes it unique is its explanatory aspect. You don’t have to hear it to understand it! It’s like the Mr. Bean of animations.

9.  Bankwest

Ok! You might find the video stupid at first glance, thanks to the script. Still, it is very helpful and relatable for product or service descriptions.

With the character’s introduction, the video perfectly resonates with the targeted audience, cuts down the video time to a few seconds, and gives you enough explanation to understand everything.

10. Wrapify

Well, how amazing is it to advertise businesses through cabs? That’s a topic for another day. But how to make an awesome 3D animation about it? Feedmelight sure knows this! This 3D video adds just what a classic animation would look like. Short, simple, highly explanatory, and engaging enough to keep the audience to the end.

With brands like Apple, Chanel, and Adobe under their portfolio, Feedmelight is an independent video production studio that knows how to make a masterclass animation ad.

11. Freefire

How absurd would it be to see Cristiano Ronaldo dressed in a black vigilante costume, fighting the bad guys without a knee injury? A lot, right? Perhaps you might want to think again because it turns out he does look super cool! How do we know this? Maybe you would like to have a look at this Freefire ad created by Passion Paris, a multiple award-winning animation studio working in the field since 2008.

How excellent is their production quality? We would insist on watching this action-filled ad.

12. Ballymun Community

We are often advised to not trust a jack of all trades because of their tendency to mess up everything. Turns out it’s not entirely true, at least in the case of Cian Mckenna, who’s a walking production house (that’s what he calls himself ;).

This video for the Ballymun community law center is practical proof of it. From visuals to voice-over, everything is spot on. But would anyone just randomly stop scrolling their fee to see it? Probably not!

13. A Guide to Happy

Can a video that tips you on leading a joyful life to be a joy in itself to watch? Well, Hell yeah! Because “A Guide to Happy” is just it! Created by Panoply, the video is pure magic when it comes to creativity combined with a great message.

From start to end, it’s a very relatable piece with a quirky touch that will keep you gripped to the last second.

14. Intel AI

Intel AI is a visually mesmerizing animation/live-action/Typographic video created by a multidisciplinary, award-winning studio, Loop.

The video is about AI mambo-jumbos introduced by Intel. It’s an excellent piece for someone aspiring to combine different video forms in a single clip, with a touch of creativity that gives it a unique, techy impression at first glance.

15. Brizo

Ever thought of a commercial video that would give you afterglow after watching it? Maybe you need to have a look at Brizo by Carbonvfx. The video features an extremely simple script yet intricately designed visuals that could stun anyone.

Is the video convincing? I’ll leave that to you. But is it a visual masterclass? A big frickin yes!

16. eBay A to Z for A.G

Although the studio’s name is not something highly marketable, their content sure is ;). The video mentioned above favors it. With a quirky touch, the eBay A to Z for A.G. fully gets the message across with a thoroughly enjoyable voice-over, complemented by crisp and clean animation and cinematics.

For one thing, we know, Not Real does some absolute magic with their work. One of the reasons they won about ten awards in just 2021.

17. Smile again

Smile again by Mellow Studio is yet another pure graphical magic that doesn’t require a voice to propagate the message. Since the video is made for a morning show intro, it presents a graphical representation of different aspects of the show through clean and colorful imagery, with funky music complementing it in the background.

18. Caliuma Mike Valley Pro Model

Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo with a vigilante costume was strange? Hold on until you see this one; an elephant is carrying a shoe on its trunk.

But guess what? It’s not entirely out of context as it fully resonates with the valley theme. It’s a simple yet intriguing video with eye-widening depth in terms of graphics.

19. Order in Chaos with Arm

Would I call it the epitome of fine animation? I don’t know. But would I compare it with one?

Possibly yes! Order in Chaos by Vucko takes the concept of 3D animation a level higher with clean graphics, crisp voiceover, and good music. In other words, the overall video is a refined embodiment of top-notch production, with visuals nothing less than eye candy.

20. OPPO ColorOS

For a studio that has just been in business for just 7 years, the production quality of this animation is quite impressive.

Seenvision has beautifully integrated various aspects of live-action in 3D animation and then transitioned them into one another in the smoothest way possible. If you love animation and know tidbits about video production, this video will intrigue and fascinate you altogether.

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