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Ox (ZRX); The Off-chain platform that will push ZRX above $1!

The decentralized cash system introduced by the blockchain network has been fuelled by a couple of outstanding in built protocols that have so far been successful. The most common is the Ethereum network whose transaction approvals are done via smart contracts. This has brought the power of controlling one’s funds closer to people them as opposed to most centralized monetary systems that have in the past have to put faith on a 3rd party.

Ox (ZRX) is one of the blockchain technologies that have so far made a significant contribution to the crypto arena; the altcoin has built protocols to allow off-chain and on-chain linking within the network. Users can create Ox protocols off-chain and communicate with on-chain relayers’ who in turn approve transactions using ERC20 based cryptocurrencies. The Ox token is identified as the ZRX and is used to pay fees to the relayers’ fulfilling the orders on the network as requested off-chain. Crypto investors’ and developers who own the ZRX token are more involved in making decisions & progress on the Ox blockchain and token as compared to the larger crypto community.

Pros of using the Ox (ZRX) off-chain platform

Cryptocurrencies have recently seen an increased adoption rate with a couple of countries such as Australia being very crypto friendly. This is not to mean that all altcoins have enjoyed the bullish crypto market since its inception but only those whose fundamental value can be seen or predicted with much certainty. The Ox team has worked on a couple of setbacks in blockchain platforms to distinguish their product and improve efficiency;

  • The Ox (ZRX) network eliminates the uncertainty involved when dealing with another party within the platform. Within this blockchain network one can be able to transact directly from their Ether wallets eliminating the process that involves funding a coin exchange prior to transactions.
  • This network capitalizes on liquidity availability which is currently an issue for most cryptocurrencies as of press date. The ZRX network does not limit ZRX token to any coin exchange but to relayers’ available and willing to make transactions using the ERC20 based coins. One of the positive results from this strategy is an improved ZRX liquidity ratio currently at 15%; this is way above most cryptocurrencies with the likes of Bitcoin at below 1%.
  • The platform is efficient when it comes to cost and tps, ZRX off-chain protocol reduces the amount of work needed to be done within the blockchain network for orders to be approved. Ox team have built a platform that aims at solving the limitations of decentralized networks and at the same time managed to link traditional transactions into the platform.

Value in the Ox (ZRX) token registry protocol

The Ox platform mostly focuses on efficiency in approval of orders which has seen its code built to provide a good user experience to anyone trying to access relayers’. The bytecode that runs orders within the platform is built in a way that clientele cannot be able to read which is not a priority or a must for the transactions to occur. Machines have come in handy in the Ox project in interpretation of these codes and metadata that is useful information for utility maximization while carrying out orders within the blockchain.

The platform has implemented in its code a register for the ERC20 tokens that entails information about the cryptocurrencies nature; this includes the specifics on decimal points used for smaller divisible units. Users interested in using the Ox platform can use the token registry for background checks before making orders or investing. The Ox is built on an ERC20 compatible protocol that allows exchange of coins built on the Ethereum protocol and the team has future prospects of developing a human-readable interface. This might be a sensitive factor to the adoption of Ox and the ZRX token in today’s businesses.

Ox (ZRX) token analysis

ZRX is a small cap token trading at the below $1 mark, the cryptocurrency has been bullish in the last 24 hours increasing its price by over 8%. The current supply of ZRX tokens stands at 520 million with Binance leading in trading volume followed closely by the Huobi exchange. ZRX is not new to high volatility although its returns within the past week have been relatively promising recording 25%.Ox (ZRX) is currently characterized by a standard deviation of 13.5% which is set to vary in accordance with systematic risk in crypto market and risk associated to the Ox project.

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