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Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Price Prediction for 2021, 2025

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Price Prediction

Somebody may argue about the novelty parameter of Hedera Hashgraph, recalling that projects such as IOTA and NANO already use the same DAG. But it’s worth objecting here because this startup is not using a standard version of the technology exactly. Moreover, unlike its competitors, Hedera Hashgraph offers not only an ecosystem per se. It suggests a toolkit for creating similar ecosystems also.

What is Hedera?

The creators of this project openly say that classic blockchain projects have no chance for mass adoption, use, and implementation in the economy. That is why Hedera Hashgraph is going to occupy this niche.

There are no miners as such in the project structure. The nodes function in a very different way than their “colleagues” in classic blockchains. A node state changes when it receives a transaction inside the Hashgraph network; Immediately after that, it randomly reports it to several neighboring nodes. And those spread the data to their neighbors, and so on. This communication is perfectly random and asynchronous.

As a result, there is continuous communication between the nodes. They exchange states, consisting of data about what, when, and by whom was done. At some point, through this mechanism, a consensus is reached. In doing so, it is fully provable mathematically based on a defined algorithm.

Based on all of the above, Hedera Hashgraph boasts:

  • The fastest transaction speed (due to the type of interaction of the nodes);
  • Perfect protection and security of the network from DDoS attacks (in contrast to popular cryptocurrency networks);
  • Low commissions (the work of the nodes requires very little power, and therefore the fees are small);
  • The fairness of the operation (no higher speeds based on the payment of higher commissions, all transactions are checked in the same way until they receive by 2/3 of the network nodes).

Hedera Hashgraph overview

Hedera Status (@hashgraph) | Twitter

To use the Hedera Hashgraph network to run your decentralized applications and databases, you must run your node. And for a node to function, you will need to have coins on your account.

As a final note, we should mention the transactions of the project do not have the heavy software complexity is inherent to the blockchain. Due to this, it is possible to run the node on low-power devices. And the cryptography itself is usually used to protect (encrypt) DApps data during transmission.

What does the global structure look like in the world with the winning Hedera Hashgraph technology? The developers see it as follows:

  • All data resides on the Internet. Every computer device is connected to the system through a protocol and is part of the platform;
  • Above the Internet is the Hashgraph consensus, which works to ensure that the system is fast, reliable, secure, and fair;
  • Above the consensus is the cryptocurrency, which is the link to make the system work, the file repository of decentralized applications and smart contracts.

HBAR Coin price analysis

  • On February 5, 2020, the price of the coin was $0.019;
  • On February 13, the rate reached $0.063.In March, it fell to $0.032;
  • In May, the price soared to $0.047. 

Then the value of the coin remained unchanged until the fall in September, and it was $0.03. It continued that way until the end of 2020.

  • In January 2021, the coin’s price rose to $0.118;
  • In February 2021, it was $0.145;
  • In March 2021, the value rose to $0.445. 

Then the decline began, and the value was $0.203 by the end of May. In June, the rate of the coin fell to $0.187 and continued to fall in July.

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Price Prediction 2021

It is HBAR price prediction and forecasting based on the cash flow or history of internet and technology companies:

  • For July, the coin will be at $0.199;
  • In August, it will rise to $0.2322;
  • In September, the value of the cryptocurrency will be $0.2567;
  • In October, the value will be $0.2937;
  • In November, the coin will be worth $0.3163;
  • In December, its value will be $0.3346.

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Price Prediction 2022

The average price at which HBAR will trade by the end of 2022 averages $1.2. The price trend for HBAR may reach a high of about $1.5. If the trend reverses, the price could fall to $0.9.

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Price Prediction 2025

Most investors are afraid to invest in cryptocurrency at their own risk, so they are constantly looking for information and advice on the Internet. 

A short-term prediction of the value of a cryptocurrency creates based on technical analysis, while a long-term forecast needs to base on fundamental analysis. But even if an experienced expert makes a prediction, its accuracy never reaches 100%. 

An accuracy of 70-80% is considered high for forecasting. It is due to the peculiarities of the cryptocurrency market: 

  • Its young age, relatively low capitalization; 
  • Lack of regulatory mechanisms;
  • And, of course, specific pricing.

Two years ago, experts predicted that the price of HBAR could rise to $0.10064 in 2022, to $0.151 in 2023, and reach $0.2 in 2024-2025.

As of today, the Hedera Hashgraph price forecast for the end of 2025 is $0.8264.

Will it costs 1$?

After 2025, the price of the Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) could reach $1.

Where can you buy HBAR?

The exact number of tokens circulating in the market is unknown, but HBAR-based transactions regularly involve approximately $12 million in assets per day.

You can buy or sell a Hedera Hashgraph project coin at the following venues:

  • Upbit in pairs: HBAR/KRW;
  • OKEx is the following variants: HBAR/USDT, HBAR/BTC, HBAR/USDK;
  • Binance with the following offerings: HBAR/BTC, HBAR/USDT, HBAR/BNB;
  • Bittrex with the following pairs: HBAR/BTC, HBAR/USD, HBAR/USDT, HBAR/ETH;
  • HitBTC with trades in HBAR/BTC;
  • Liquid with trades in pairs: HBAR/BTC, HBAR/USD, HBAR/ETH.


First of all, the following positive characteristics stand out:

  • An undeniably cool and revolutionary technology;
  • Creating competition to blockchain;
  • A good team of real techies with vast experience;
  • Advisors from influential companies;
  • Partners – well-known corporations that inspire trust;
  • Cheap use of secure and high-speed features.

On the other hand, we see:

  • A thorny project to grasp and understand that is hard for the average user to learn;
  • Lack of clear motivation to run a node if you do not use the capabilities to run and organize decentralized applications.

Perhaps the project needs to think about betting on the mass user, not just in words. It requires a promotion with a clear explanation of all the features of Hedera Hashgraph. Then it will have a chance to dominate the world and create an effective competition for classic blockchain.

Well, in the meantime, we can yet buy cheap coins, which can take off quite well in the future if the promotion goes more actively. 

There are too match blockchain-based projects that have now taken over the digital market. The price tag of this asset has absolutely nothing to do with the successes and failures of the 99.9% of ones.

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